This is Starz, the place where you can buy and sell world celebrities.
Use our free revolutionary bet system to win real prizes !


On Starz you buy and sell celebrities : you are the trader.
Starz is not a bookmaker, you are the one who decide how much a star costs.
You can bet on any event with a clear result like a tennis tournament or oscar's ceremony, possibilities are limitless !
If you don't find the event you want to bet on, just join our forums and ask the team to create it !
The more people bet on Starz the bigger prizes you win, so tell your friends to join the championship !


When you create your account you receive 2000 of virtual money

Go to the "event" tab and find an event on your favorite category

On the event screen, you can see how much points/share you can earn and which stars are participating to this event

Click on a star to go to his page or you can also search for stars in the "stars" tab

You will find all information you need on this page, have a look on the price evolution to be sure to buy at the good price !

To buy/sell you have two possibilities :
  • Buy/Sell at market price : the first order of the order book will be automatically pick up
  • Place an order in the order book, it will be executed later when someone buy/sell at market price

Note that lower price are sold first and higher price are bought first


You must hold the shares when the star win the event to earn points

The more points you earn, the most chance you have to win a prize !

During test period a cash prize of 100$ will be offered to the best player !